How to Put a Gun Safely at Your Home


Do you have a gun? Do you think about the safety of your family and yourself? You must be thinking that you are safe once you have a gun and you can protect your family from external intrusions, trespassing, theft and other such unwanted incidents.

Well, I understand that if you have a gun, you have an additional advantage of protection but did you ever think about the harm that gun may cost to your family. Gun is a useful object if used in a appropriate manner, but just its usage is not enough, its maintenance as well as storage should also be taken care of.



The main reasons for keeping your gun safely at your home are:

1. Presence of kids in home:

Everyone has kids at home, a three year old child is capable enough to pull a trigger unknowingly and causing serious trouble. Kids will normally treat it like a toy. So they might injure themselves or the others.

Also, kids are used to watching television shows and movies where using a gun is very common, so they would surely know where the trigger is and by pressing it what will happen, the only thing they don’t know is its consequences.

2. In case of trespassing and intrusion:

You must be thinking, guns can be used to avoid trespassing and intrusion, but just think the other way round, a poor trespasser or thief, who has entered without a gun, can get easy access to your gun if not put in a safe place.

3. Physical damage:

Other obvious reason to keep your gun in a safe place can be to protect it from any physical damage or wear and tear.

These days, firearms have reached a new level, they are precise and efficient like never before and are powerful enough, so they should be taken care of. Below are some points which can be considered for keeping gun safely at home.

Trigger Locks:

Trigger locks is one of the simplest way for safety, main objective is to prevent the gun from firing which can be done by locking trigger. Trigger shoes lock and hold around the trigger to prevent it from being pressed.

Trigger lock is easily available, it is inexpensive and it is simple to use. In most cases, trigger locks are provided free when you buy a new gun. A trigger lock will cost you $15 at maximum,

Soft-side and Hard-side Gun Cases:

Whenever you pass by a store which deals in sports goods, you might have seen such type of cases. Such cases are also available for musical instruments. There is a wide range of cases available which are from padded to rugged-foam.

These are built in such a way to that you can carry the case anywhere very easily, it is mainly used for handling, transporting and preventing the gun from physical damage. Different size cases are available for different type of guns.

For example: a shotgun will have its own unique case and a rifle will have its own type of case. Especially your gun can be saved from edges, you must be facing this problem, and edges keep on colliding with wall or any other object.

Such cases range from $10 to $150.

Strong Cases:

Strong boxes which were initially made out of wood and now mostly made out of metal is a very good option for protecting gun as well as keeping it away from children. It also has lock system so that no one has access to open the case except you.

Lock system is much upgraded in such cases; it can be fingerprint scanning and electronic push buttons. So security and safety both are taken care of. Strong cases are heavier as compared to soft-side cases but its benefits are incomparable.

Strong cases can cost you from $150 to $450.

Gun Safe:



Safe is the best option available today to keep your gun safe and protect it from external damages, gun safe are a bit costly as compared to the above options, but are the most preferred these days.

Gun safe can cost you from $500 to $2500.

So don’t compromise on your family’s future, handle gun with care.

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