Tips for Buying Gun Safe


Many people are fond of guns, some keep it for safety, some for hunting and some keep it just for entertainment, so everyone has a different purpose. Buying gun is easy but handling and maintaining them can be a tricky task at times.

Gun is also a type of investment. As a gun owner, you have some responsibility for your family as well as your nation and that responsibility is keeping your gun safe.To keep your gun safe, you need a safe.

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In some places like California, if you don’t own a gun safe then you face liability in case your gun is stolen. Purchasing a gun safe is more difficult than purchasing a gun as these days there are many designs, sizes and types of gun safe’s available.

So here are few things you must take care about before buying a gun safe.


It is a very obvious reason that the size of your safe is an important aspect. One thing to be noted here is that always buy a safe which is bigger than your gun size. This will avoid wear and tear issues of your gun.

Another point to be noted here is that most of the people who are fond of guns purchase more and more guns at certain period of time. So always buy a bigger size of safe with a vision that you are going to add up more guns to your safe.

Another reason to buy a bigger safe is that it can also be used to store other valuable items of your family. If you are spending a lot on gun, then you should also buy a safe accordingly.


When it comes to weight, people normally think that lighter is better but it’s not the case with safe. You should always prefer a heavy safe. The only thing you need to concern about is it’s transport.

A one-tonne safe will require a professional crew to transport your safe and will cost you a bit more. Generally, people prefer 750 lb weight of safe which is good in size and weight (security).


Protecting your safe from disasters like fire is very important. Some people claim that a safe will remain below certain temperature is a very unrealistic claim, so never depend on such claims.

Normally, materials used in safe for protection from fire are sheet-rock and ceramic wool. Out of these, ceramic wool is more efficient as compared to sheet-rock. The price of your safe will also depend on the material used. Ceramic wool will cost you more.

Many people do check fire ratings before purchasing a safe, but all this depends on your location, different countries have different rating methods. So you should survey it locally. You just have to ask about this to a local dealer.


If you are looking for a cheap safe, then door-seal is the most important factor which you should be considering. Most of the manufacturers who sell cheap safe sell it without any door sealing.

Door seal is helpful in keeping out moisture, so it will reduce the risk of rust, dust, fire and heat. Proper sealing helps in reducing fire issues, as the air inside the safe will not entertain fire flames.

It will also avoid water issues, using a good sealing strip will not let water enter the safe for more amount of time as compared to normal safe’s.


Whenever you visit a safe-maker, they will boast about keeping the certain number of guns, like these many numbers of guns will fit in the safe. More important is to avoid the guns from wear and tear, what type of material is being used inside.

Experts in this field always say that if you have a plan to fit 20 guns, then always buy a safe which can fit 30 guns. This will reduce wear and tear, also when you need to take out some specific gun, you will not have to deal with a pile of other guns.

Interiors also matter in terms of cushioning which has been done inside, cushioning will help to maintain the edges of your gun. You would have noticed that edges of guns are first to rust. Also check out on interior lighting.

Locking Mechanismdigital-locks

There are various types of locks available for locking safe, from traditional locks to modern digital locks. An interesting matter of fact is that rotary-combination dial locks are still used more.

People more often look on the design, look and feel of the locks, especially when it comes to digital locks, but it has been experienced that digital locks are good in presentation and weak in security.

Electronic locks can be preferred but good quality of electronic locks which provide security and safety are costly as compared to rotary-combination locks.

If you remember these factors, you are surely safe with your safe.


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