People who own firearms must have a suitable gun safe to store them safely. Whether or not they like it, they have to do so to safe guard their beloved ones. Life, at any cost, cannot be neglected as it is the precious thing in earth.

Guns have now become a part and parcel of life especially for Americans. One in three Americans hold a gun. Hence it is important to choose the appropriate spot for placing a gun safe as the odds would be in the favor of misusing it, if it isn’t protected well.

While buying a gun safe there are a lot of factors to be considered. The place where it will be stored is one of the important factors to be considered. Let us have a detailed look on the available options.

What are the factors affecting the selection of location?

First and foremost thing to consider is the type of danger you intend to protect your guns from. If you are concerned more about fire, then you must evaluate the related facts. Statistics show that Burglary is the primary source of theft. Floods follow burglary and fire accidents occupy the next place.

Humidity, accessibility, power supply and accommodation of gun safe are the other factors that come in our way. Assessing the above factors will guide you in the process.

List of available options to consider

There are many locations available in home to choose from. We will analyze those locations one by one.

1. Basement:

This will be the location that will be preferred by most of the people. The exact reason for choosing this location is that it has more space to accommodate the gun safe and also it won’t affect the attire of the house.

Even though Basement appears to be the most obvious solution, it is advisable to assess the priorities before finalizing the spot. There are pros and cons of choosing basement.

The advantages include:

  • It is not easy to access for the burglars.
  • Lot of space is available.
  • A larger gun safe can be accommodated.
  • It is easy to install gun safes in the basement as you can place concrete slabs easily in there.

The disadvantages include:

  • It is neither easy for us to access.
  • Humidity is high in the basement. Hence extra care is necessary to safeguard the safe.
  • In case of fire, basement will get heavy damages.
  • Difficult to get it out of basement incase if you are shifting home or if you intend to replace the gun safe.

2. Bedroom:closet_with_model-t_take6

This is as obvious as the basement. The second option that strikes everyone while choosing a location for gun safe is Bedroom. This will be a tricky place and yet the most preferred place.

It offers you immediate access to guns at times of crisis yet it will be easily accessible for family members and a slight mistake might prove costly.

The advantages are:

  • Very easy to access the guns if there is an emergency.
  • Humidity levels are well under control.
  • Fire and other threats are minimal.
  • Slot for power supply is readily available.

The disadvantages are:

  • Easy for children and others to access it.
  • Burglars will get a bonus if they find it easy to access it.

3. Living room:

Well, living rooms are very large in general and hence they might serve a good place to place the gun safe if you have a larger one. Living rooms are a neutral place and it can go in either way.

If you intend to place the gun safe in the living room then you need to look at other factors before buying the safe. You cannot place or you would not wish to place a less decorative item in your living room.

Gun safes with very good look and finish might prove expensive. But they do look good and they induce a sense of authority in you when you are placed in the living room amongst your guest.

Let us look at the advantages and disadvantages of placing a gun safe in the living room.

The advantages are:

  • Provides sense of authority.
  • Larger gun safes can be accommodated.
  • Free from most of the thefts and damages.
  • Easy to install and maintain the gun safe.

The disadvantages are:

  • Easy for other members of the family to access.
  • If there is a fireplace in the living then there is some probability of a fire accident. So, it is advisable not to place the gun safe near the fireplace. Also living room will have too many items that might easily get fire.
  • The gun safe might occupy more space than desired.

4. Garage:

Some place think that having the gun safe isolated will be the best option. But in reality this is a really dangerous choice. Garage is not easily accessible and there is a lot of opportunity for major accidents in the garage.

We store many things in the garage and each item has its own conditional requirements. Some items need intense care and if they are not taken care of they might induce threats of higher degree.

Also it will be difficult to place the gun safe in the right place in the garage and also it will be difficult to supply other amenities required for the maintenance of the gun safe such as power supply to keep the dehumidifiers working.

The advantages are:

  • It is easy to move the gun safe in and out of the garage.

The disadvantages are:

  • There is less security for the gun safe itself.
  • Occurrence of major accidents is likely.
  • Hardware tools necessary to have an attempt to break the gun safe is readily available.
  • Accessibility is very low and you cannot easily get to it in times of emergency.
  • Humidity is high inside the garage.
  • Rats and other small creatures might damage the power chord used to supply power to the dehumidifiers inside the sun safe.

5. Office room:

Office room is a handy and important place to place your gun and your gun safe. Guns will come in handy if you have your enemies at the other end of the table. Small and handy gun safes are available in the market and you can conceal them easily.

Gun safe at office is very much essential as you cannot have peaceful environment all the time. The following are the advantages and disadvantages of having a gun safe at office.

The advantages are:

  • It will be a life-saving weapon.
  • Easy to install and conceal small gun safes.
  • Easy to access.
  • Easy to maintain the gun safe.
  • Thefts and risks are very less.
  • No one will get access to your desk unless instructed by you.
  • Safe location to store documents too.

The disadvantages are:

  • Very large safes cannot be accommodated in a small and compact office room.

6. Kitchen:

Imagine having a gun safe in the kitchen. You are having access to a variety of weapons like knife, guns and other similar stuff in one place. Does it sound nice to you? Well, it might sound the same for burglars.

However, this is a good option to consider as there is very less probability of burglars entering a kitchen and also other accidents, except fire accidents.

Each location has its own set of advantages and disadvantages and kitchen is not an exception to it. Let us discuss that in detail.

The advantages are:

  • Easy access for women when they are in trouble.
  • Easy to conceal it amongst other electronic appliances.
  • Easy to install and also there is no problem of moving it in and out of the house.
  • Convenient to store key items in a less anticipated place.

The disadvantages are:

  • The probability of having a fire accident is high.
  • It might prove costly if a burglar gets into the kitchen even if the probability of such an incident is very unlikely.
  • Children and other family members will have a frequent access to the gun safe.
  • Misplaced guns will prove very costly.

So, as discussed above the choice of the location of a gun safe resides with the user himself. Based on his priorities, he has the freedom to choose the location of his choice. But please do analyze the following key factors before arriving at a decision.

  • Humidity of the room or location.
  • Probability of occurrence of accidents.
  • Severity of damage the location may suffer if there is a burglary attempt or in case of flood.
  • Amount of time you intend to have the gun safe unchanged.
  • Type of guns and other documents you intend to store inside the gun safe.

The above-mentioned factors occupy the top of the list and there are other factors as well. Please do revise your decision again and again until you feel confident of your choice. Be 100 percent sure about your decision as it has to count for the lives of your beloved ones.

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